Mysterybarra Woodworks

Growing up I would always see my Dad tinkering in the garage. I never paid much attention to it and instead would go to my room to play video games. As I became older I started getting interested in making things. Whether it was making stupid videos with friends, horrible DJ sets using Virtual DJ on my laptop, or drawings a first grader would laugh at. It felt good making something and saying "I made that". 

With the creation of Mysterybarra, my love for making things became an obsession. I wake up every single day with Mysterybarra on my mind. A couple months ago my Father and I created an entertainment unit. I went with this design based on my needs. I wanted to have easy access to all of my entertainment systems and allow them to have breathing room. The sides of the unit are used to store items like books. 

This is only the beginning when it comes to Mysterybarra Wood Works. I'll be working on a Library Unit as well as a Desk in the coming months. Stay Tuned.